“…For all the eccentricity of my own trajectory, I am not attempting anything that countless others aren’t also undertaking, many locally, and many of you around this listserv, who are, in so very many ways, ‘further along’ than me. Dostoevsky’s suggestion that perhaps the world will be saved by beauty repeatedly comes to mind among the plants I move among, and the friends and acquaintances whose passionate and courageous examples are my great inspirations. In raising Paradise, we homesteaders and the landscapes we inhabit support and teach each other, with such great willingness to give and to receive. I recall a puzzled voice approaching me among the scion wood at the enormous, free, self-organizing, volunteer-driven Spring Propagation Fair at LCC this year, no institutional advertising in evidence. “Who does this?” he asked. “I mean, who are you?” “Oh,” I replied, “We’re just a loose-knit group of friends and acquaintances who like to do things for free.” Such bio-cultural mutuality is the natural territory of homecoming….” Got Snot, Part II, Exiting the Whole Shebang. July 4, 2009.

The Eugene Propagation Fair is a free, participant-driven event, orchestrated entirely by volunteers. Come learn about collaboration with us.

To volunteer, please contact Chris Homanics.

trixtrax at comcast dot net

“It is best to think of this as a revolution, not of guns, but of consciousness, which will be won by seizing the key myths, archetypes, eschatologies, and ecstasies so that life won’t seem worth living unless one is on the transforming energy’s side.” – Gary Snyder

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  • February 11, 2015 at 7:45 am

    Hi, My name is Phillip Endicott, I am a direct descendent of John Endicott. I understand there is an Endecott pear tree in the repository at Corvallis. I am interested in getting scions off of this tree and learning how to graft and propagate it. My goal is to be able to give these trees away at my next family reunion. This tree has great historical significance since it is considered the oldest cultivated fruit tree in the new world. Any help or information you could give me would be appreciated. I am able to volunteer and help out. I love gardening and cultivating and I am currently turning my front yard in the Santa Clara neighborhood into a small orchard.


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