sap-stickerHere’s a resource list for organizers and hosts of 2017’s propagation fairs. We will add resources and links as they become available.

Currently, Ja Schindler, Katee Ross, Chris Homanics, Kevin Steffy Prior, Keegan Caughlin, Oliver Redig and Nick Routledge have admin rights.  Feel free to edit layout to improve readability.

Last year’s resource list for the Lane County Propagation Fair, a useful guide to the items required to host a prop fair. We expect we will be developing two such lists in 2017 – one for our traveling team who will be supporting prop fairs at the six sites now confirmed, and one for folks taking responsibility for hosting the events.

Our latest doodle poll for our January meeting. Oliver is currently gathering email addresses which would allow us to include folks who aren’t on Facebook in our scheduling process.

Agendas and Minutes:

  • Agenda for Dec 17 meeting at Reality Kitchen
  • Minutes from our first meeting, November 19, when a core from around the state, gathered to brainstorm how a distributed propagation fair network, might work.