The Agrarian Sharing Network is an all-volunteer community promoting friendship and ecological resilience throughout the Pacific Northwest, by supporting the birth and maintenance of a network of neighborhood-based initiatives focused on long-term food security. Primarily, we identify, collect, distribute and propagate ‘future heirlooms’, those varieties of fruit, vegetable, nut and mycological crops, both old and modern, which we anticipate will provide the bedrock of locally-sustainable cultures in the decades ahead.

Though individual events are autonomous – that is, their character is shaped and directed by local folk – they tend to have some core features in common. We actively do not support any ideological/political/corporate platforms – we endeavor to be a friend to all and enemy of none. We have never charged for access to our events, indeed, we share as much as we can freely – a nod to the gift economy we wish the world to model. Above all, we are an exercise in friendship.

Facebook is our primary organizational and conversational forum.

You can also find us on Twitter.