Here’s an initial listing of communities currently committed to the Agrarian Sharing Network’s 2018 propagation-fair program.

We anticipate our participant-driven network will be freely supplying these small-scale, community-focused events with positively-IDed, healthy, well-described germplasm of approximately 100 varieties of fruit trees; grapes; a variety of vegetable and herb seed, and plants; and mycological material.

Our 100% volunteer team will be supporting these events and their preparations, with scion, rootstocks, education, training, grafting support and other key resources:


March 11, 11 am – 4 pm: Williams, OR. Williams Grange @ 20100 Williams Highway

March 11, 11–5 pm: Cottage Grove, OR. Cottage Grove Armory @ 628 E Washington Ave.

March 17, 10 am – 4 pm: Portland, OR. Clackamas Fairgrounds @ 694 NE 4th Avenue, Canby

March 24, 12–3 pm: Eugene, OR. Willamalane Adult Activity Center @ 215 W C Street

March 25, 1–4 pm: Sweet Home, OR. Sweet Home Charter School @ 28721 Liberty Road

April 6, 5–7 pm: Eugene, OR. Petersen Barn @ 870 Berntzen Road

April 7, 2–5 pm: Eugene, OR. River Road Community Center @ 1400 Lake Drive


Alongside such ‘family-friendly’ events intended to  establish and nurture self-standing propagation efforts at the folksy neighborhood level, our team will also continue to support advanced propagation efforts by germplasm stewards throughout WA, OR, and CA.

Typically, our spring scion-collection efforts move us among some of the most biodiverse collections of fruit germplasm in the world – around 6,000 varieties, all told. We enjoy excellent long-term relationships with key fruit-germplasm, vegetable, and  mycological stewards throughout the PNW.

A core focus of ours remains: identifying and propagating productive, disease-resistant diversity with strong potential to adapt well to climate chaos, and sharing a broad diversity of this material with individuals and communities keenly interested in establishing resilient centers of biodiversity, from small to large.

We bring a great deal of grass-roots experience to the hands-on challenge of finding exceptional germplasm, propagating it, and successfully growing it on.